Burn Season (album)

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Burn Season
Burn Season (album).jpg
Studio album by Burn Season
Released October 11, 2005
Genre Hard rock
Length 40:56
Label Bieler Bros.
Producer Bobby Amaru, Bob Marlette

Burn Season is the debut album by American hard rock band Burn Season. The album was released on October 11, 2005 via Bieler Bros. Records. The band had originally signed with Elektra Records, but were dropped prior to the release of their album due to a major shakeup in the company.

Track listing[edit]

Track Song Title Time Composer(s)
1. "Revolution" 3:04 Amaru, Renwick, Starkey
2. "Carry On" 3:19 Amaru, Starkey
3. "Walk Away" 3:17 Amaru, Renwick, Starkey
4. "Addicted" 2:46 Amaru, Starkey
5. "Mistakes" 3:06 Amaru, Renwick, Silk, Starkey
6. "Perfect" 3:51 Amaru, Starkey
7. "Falling" 3:18 Amaru, Starkey
8. "Save Me" 3:24 Amaru, Starkey
9. "Sleepless" 4:48 Amaru, Starkey
10. "Ending" 3:15 Amaru, Renwick, Starkey
11. "Wasted" 2:34 Amaru, Renwick, Starkey
12. "Closer" 4:14 Amaru, Starkey

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