Burnas Lagoon

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Burnas Lagoon
Західний берег лиману Бурнас.jpg
The coast of the Burnas Lagoon near the village of Tuzly
Tuzly Lagoons map en.png
The Burans Lagoon on the schematic map of the Tuzly Lagoons (#1)
LocationBlack Sea
Coordinates45°50′N 30°07′E / 45.833°N 30.117°E / 45.833; 30.117Coordinates: 45°50′N 30°07′E / 45.833°N 30.117°E / 45.833; 30.117
Ocean/sea sourcesAtlantic Ocean
Basin countriesUkraine
Max. length7 km (4.3 mi)
Max. width1–3 km (0.62–1.86 mi)
Salinity~30 ‰
SettlementsLebedivka, Tuzly

Burnas Lagoon (Ukrainian: Бурнас, Romanian: Limanul Burnas) is a marine lagoon (or liman), located in southern Ukraine in Tatarbunary Raion of Odessa Oblast. The salinity of the lagoon is two times higher than in the Black Sea. The lagoon is connected to the sea via a system of canals. The lagoon is about 7 km long and 1–3 km wide. In the northern part the lagoon is connected to the lagoon Solone Ozero, in the north west to the Kurudiol Lagoon. The source of the lagoon water is the Black Sea and the river Alkaliya, which inflows to the lagoon Solone Ozero.

The peloid health spa Lebedivka is located on the northern coast of the Burnas Lagoon.

The coasts of the lagoons are used by many species of birds for nesting. The system of Sasyk LagoonsShahanyAlibey — Burnas has the status of an International wetland reserve.