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Screenshot of the opening screen of BurningMUD
Developer(s) Lorgalis, Alxar and Andraax
Release January 1, 1996 (1996-01-01)
Genre(s) Fantasy MUD

BurningMUD (also referred to as Burning) is an online game which has its roots in the DikuMUD family of MUDs. It combines elements from Rolemaster and Dungeons & Dragons to create a fantasy environment for the players.


BurningMUD in its current form was opened by Lorgalis, Alxar and Andraax on 1 January 1996, after being given the source code of the old BurningMUD. The old MUD had been closed for about a year with a message saying that Burning has closed and will reopen after finding a new site and heavy modifications. Nothing happened, so Lorgalis and Andraax, both with playing experience from the old Burning, abandoned their own unreleased MUD to re-launch the project. They contacted Alxar who was one of the staff members on Burning, and he obtained the source code from Burning and shared it with them. After a period of coding, Burning was online again.

In February 1999, BurningMUD was chosen as "Mud of the Month" by The Mud Connector.[1]

Notable features[edit]

The Well is a unique zone, which is randomly generated each boot, and its entrance is relocated every 6 hours. Players must locate a compass in order to find the well entrance. It currently has 20 levels filled with lethal traps and mobiles. Players collect fragments of elemental essence; when they have sufficient, they are able either to transform into a super-race called K'ta'viir, or increase their statistics.

BurningMUD offers multiclassing, so after players gain the recommended 50 levels, they may choose a second class. This allows many different combinations, which all have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you are a level-50 fighter and decide to multiclass as a fighter, you gain extra skills not available to those who chose to multiclass into a magician. After multiclassing you level to 50 again and then study your stats to a maximum, at which point you can proceed to leveling up again opening up more equipment options and special abilities if you are a pure class. The maximum (non-immortal) level is 100/100.

While the game can be played solo it becomes required to form groups to tackle truly menacing npcs, where all of the best equipment is found.


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