Burning Bridges (Naked Eyes album)

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Burning Bridges
Naked Eyes - Burning Bridges album cover.jpg
Studio album by Naked Eyes
Released March 16, 1983
Recorded Abbey Road Studios, 1982-83
Genre Synthpop, new wave
Length 44:20
Label EMI, EMI America
Producer Tony Mansfield
Naked Eyes chronology
Burning Bridges
Fuel for the Fire
North America/Japan cover
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars [1]

Burning Bridges was Naked Eyes' 1983 debut album. The album was released in the United States and Canada as Naked Eyes with two tracks demoted to B-sides. The track "Always Something There to Remind Me" was released as a single and reached No. 59 in the United Kingdom chart and US Top 10 in July 1983. The album was released for the first time on CD in 2012 by Cherry Red Records.[2]

Original UK release[edit]

All tracks written by Pete Byrne and Rob Fisher, except where noted.

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Voices in My Head"   3:47
2. "I Could Show You How"   3:28
3. "A Very Hard Act to Follow"   4:05
4. "Always Something There to Remind Me" Burt Bacharach, Hal David 3:40
5. "Fortune and Fame"   3:18
6. "Could Be"   2:47
Side two
No. Title Length
7. "Burning Bridges" 3:30
8. "Emotion in Motion" 4:42
9. "Low Life" 3:57
10. "The Time Is Now" 3:23
11. "When the Lights Go Out" 3:00
12. "Promises, Promises" 4:36

US release[edit]

The North American release[3] of Burning Bridges was issued in April 1983, retitled as Naked Eyes and released with an alternate cover.

Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Always Something There to Remind Me" 3:40
2. "Fortune and Fame" 3:18
3. "When the Lights Go Out" 3:00
4. "Voices in My Head" 3:47
5. "Low Life" 3:57
Side two
No. Title Length
6. "Promises, Promises" 4:26
7. "I Could Show You How" 3:28
8. "Emotion in Motion" 4:42
9. "Burning Bridges" 3:30
10. "Could Be" 2:47

The two deleted songs, "The Time Is Now" and "A Very Hard Act to Follow" were issued in the US as the b-sides of "Always Something There to Remind Me" and "Promises, Promises."


Naked Eyes[edit]

Additional musicians[edit]


Tony Mansfield is listed as having played "guitar" (but not "bass guitar") on the British version of the album (Burning Bridges), while on the American version (self-titled), he is listed as playing "bass guitar" (but not "guitar"). It thus seems reasonable to assume that he played both instruments on the album.


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