Burning Empires

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Burning Empires
VNV Nation - Burning Empires.jpg
EP by
Released3 April 2000
GenreFuturepop, EBM
LabelDependent Records
ProducerVNV Nation
VNV Nation chronology
Burning Empires

Burning Empires is an EP from VNV Nation. It contains remixes and alternate versions of tracks from their popular album Empires, plus the "Standing" single. It is a limited edition release of 4,700 copies.[1] Because of its rarity, it is one of the most sought-after items for VNV Nation fans. The album has been recently made available on the iTunes Music Store, as well as on Napster and Amazon MP3 Downloads.

"Further" and "Radius²" were the only entirely new tracks on Burning Empires. "Lastlight" was a remix of "Firstlight"/"Arclight" from Empires. The exclusive version of "Savior" has a full vocal track (the previously released album version is an instrumental).

A cover of "Further" by the band LifeForce was used in the video game Iji, and while not released on any CD, it was made available for public download.

Track listing[edit]

Burning Empires
2."Kingdom" (Restoration)6:28
4."Legion" (Janus)6:38
5."Saviour" (Vox)6:59
6."Fragments" (Splinter)5:29
7."Legion" (Anachron)3:16
Total length:40:10
Standing Single
1."Standing" (Still)4:10
2."Standing" (Motion)8:09
4."Standing" (Original)5:40
Total length:22:38


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