Burning Heart Records

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Burning Heart Records
Founded 1993
Founder Peter Ahlqvist
Distributor(s) Epitaph Records
Country of origin Sweden
Location Örebro
Official website www.burningheart.com

Burning Heart Records is an independent record label formed in 1993 and based in Örebro, Sweden. It has a close affiliation with Californian label Epitaph Records, who own the rights to distribute Burning Heart's output in North America. It also started a German office in Berlin in the end of 2003.

Burning Heart has proven very successful in launching European (especially Swedish) bands to a global audience. Their successes have included The Hives, Turbonegro, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Millencolin, No Fun at All and Refused. The label focuses on punk music, but has also released rock, ska and hip hop records.

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These are some of the bands with albums released by Burning Heart Records.

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