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Burnside is located in New Zealand
Burnside is located in Christchurch, New Zealand
Coordinates: 43°29′59″S 172°34′07″E / 43.499857°S 172.568658°E / -43.499857; 172.568658Coordinates: 43°29′59″S 172°34′07″E / 43.499857°S 172.568658°E / -43.499857; 172.568658
CountryNew Zealand
Local authorityChristchurch
 • Land112.9 ha (279.0 acres)
 • Total2,325
Harewood Bishopdale

Burnside is a suburb of Christchurch, New Zealand, located southeast of Christchurch International Airport. As with most suburbs in Christchurch, it has no defined boundaries and is a general area.


Burnside was originally part of a farm, approximately 1,700 acres (6.9 km2) in size, owned by the early settler William Boag (1828-1904), who arrived in 1851 from Perthshire. It was named for the small creeks that formed the headwaters of the Waimairi Stream.[2][3] The name Burnside was made official by the Waimairi County Council in 1959,[4] although Burnside Road had been renamed Memorial Avenue in 1950.[5]

For the first hundred years of European settlement, the area in and around Burnside was farmland, with sheep, cattle and orchards occupying the land.[citation needed]


  • Burnside Primary School opened in 1956.
  • Burnside High School opened in February 1960.
  • Kendal School opened in 1961.
  • Isleworth School opened at the beginning of 1962.
  • Cobham Intermediate, named initially Fendalton Intermediate, opened in 1963.
  • Roydvale School opened in 1967.
  • Christ the King Primary School.


Burnside contains a central park (Burnside Park), and its two central roads are Memorial Avenue and Greers Road. It contains a smaller park (Jellie Park) opposite Burnside High School on Greers Road.


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