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Title card
Genre Police procedural
Starring Christopher Ellison
Zoë Eeles
Justin Pierre
Andrew Readman
Paul Gilmore
John White
Shane Richie
Tony Selby
Paul Nicholas
Composer(s) Sandy Nuttgens
Mike Scott
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 6
Executive producer(s) Richard Handford
Producer(s) Jamie Nuttgens
Running time 50 mins.
Production company(s) Thames Television
Original network ITV
Picture format 16:9
Audio format Stereo
Original release 6 July (2000-07-06) – 10 August 2000 (2000-08-10)
Related shows The Bill

Burnside is a British television police procedural drama, broadcast on ITV in 2000. The series, a spin-off from ITV's long-running police drama The Bill, focused on DCI Frank Burnside, formerly a detective at Sun Hill and now working for the National Crime Squad. Burnside ran for one series of six episodes, structured as three two-part stories.


The lead character of the series was Detective Chief Inspector Frank Burnside, who had appeared in The Bill almost from its inception. Burnside disappeared in mysterious circumstances in 1993 and returned briefly five years later, when it was revealed that he had been working undercover.[1] The main secondary characters were Detective Sergeant Dave Summers and Detective Constable Sam Phillips. Burnside's NCS team also included the minor characters of DC Pete Moss, played by John White, and DC Chris Gibson, played by Paul Gilmore.[2] In addition, several recurring characters appeared throughout the series: Paul Nicholas played Ronnie "The Razor" Buchan, a former London gangster and Burnside's nemesis. Tony Selby played Jim Summers, the father of Dave Summers and Burnside's former boss. Shane Richie played Burnside's regular informant, Tony Shotton.


Character Actor
DCI Frank Burnside
Christopher Ellison
DC Sam Phillips
Zoë Eeles
DS Dave Summers
Justin Pierre
DC Pete Moss
John White
DC Chris Gibson
Paul Gilmore
Supt. Brian Lee
Andrew Readman
Ronnie Buchan
Paul Nicholas
Jim Summers
Tony Selby
Tony Shotton
Shane Richie


Title Writer Director Viewers (in millions) Original Airdate
"Back With A Vengeance"Lizzie MickeryIan White7.45
6 July 2000 (2000-07-06)
13 July 2000 (2000-07-13)
After taking up a position with NCS, Burnside attempts to use his new found-status to collect information on Ronnie Buchan, an old-time adversary who was acquitted of shooting Burnside's friend and police partner Barry. However, upon his arrival, he is caught up in the midst of ongoing operation Gasgoyne, whilst also trying to identify who is responsible for an influx of guns and weaponry on the south coast. Choosing to ignore Supt. Brian Lee, Burnside and his new comrades Dave Sumers and Sam Phillips go on the hunt for Billy Holden, a small-time arms dealer suspected of being the importer of a new wave of high-powered guns. And when his best mate, Renfrew, decides to let his son one of Holden's guns, all hell breaks loose resulting the death of eight teenagers. Determined to catch Holden in the act, making a deal with local gangster mob The Yardies, Burnside sets up his own covert operation to nail Holden before any further disasters. Or is he already too late?
"Exposed"Lizzie MickeryBruce MacDonald6.56
20 July 2000 (2000-07-20)
27 July 2000 (2000-07-27)
A serial killer who strangles his female victims with a tie before shaving their pubic hair off is once again prime priority after the death of a fifteen-year-old school girl. Initially, her on-off boyfriend Jerry Forbes is suspected of the murders, having attended football matches in the locations on the days of the murders. However, Sam Phillips is not convinced, and determined to run with her own line of enquiry, decides to tackle local photographer Dave Evans, who despite his 'limp dick' seems the most likely suspect in her eyes. However, her intimacy with Dave, including allowing him to shave her, lands Sam in deep water with both Burnside and Supt. Lee. Not convinced that Evans is entirely concrete, Burnside pressures Sumers to continue with the Forbes angle. However, a reconstruction of the young girl's murder proves the turning point, which points fresh evidence towards Evans. But is Sam in too deep? And will her final sacrifice put her in danger?
"Trial By Fire"Steve GriffithsJustin Hardy5.91
3 August 2000 (2000-08-03)
10 August 2000 (2000-08-10)
When the trial of Dave Vickers sees him acquitted of murder, Burnside's informant Tony Shotton is forced to relocate himself to a quiet country retreat before Vickers and his mob catch up with him. Meanwhile, still on Vickers' trail, Burnside attempts to infiltrate Vickers' upcoming money laundering scam by taking out his lawyer and putting Sumers undercover in his place. However, little does Sumers know that somebody very close to home is leaking information to Vickers and his mob, which soon leads to the murder of Tony Shotton. Hellbent on getting revenge, Burnside decides to make Vickers' deal go tits up by setting fire to £100 million pounds that Vickers has stashed away ready to launder for the Russian Mafia. And when the mafia arrive in London looking for their dough, Burnside decides to give Vickers a do or die ultimatum - give himself up and spend time in jail, or let himself free to the mercy of the Russians. Meanwhile, old foe Ronnie Buchan resurfaces, and Burnside sees his chance to finally nail his arch enemy.



DVD release name Episodes Years of Series UK Release Date

(Region 2)

North American Release Date

(Region 1)

Australian Release Date

(Region 4)


(Region 0)

Burnside: The Complete Series 1 to 6 2000 9 September 2013[3] N/A 18 August 2009[4] 1 August 2012


Book Year Published Cover Photo Notes
Burnside: The Secret Files[5]
17 July 2000
A Picture of Christopher Ellison and a checker band 3 quarters of the way down.

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