Burnt Toast Vinyl

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Burnt Toast Vinyl
Founded1996 (1996)
FounderScott Hatch
Country of originUnited States
LocationPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania

Burnt Toast Vinyl is an independent record label based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Burnt Toast Vinyl was founded by Scott Hatch,[1] a Drexel University student who had initially been involved with concert promotion at the school.[2] The label has released full albums from several prominent Philadelphia indie musicians, as well as releasing or re-releasing material on vinyl from artists, including those on the Tooth & Nail roster. Among its reissues are the debut album from Scaterd Few, re-released by Burnt Toast in 2015.[3]

Several of Burnt Toast's post rock and experimental groups attracted notice from magazines such as Dusted[4] and Prefix.[5] Among the label's best-known releases are those by Denison Witmer,[6][7][8] Unwed Sailor,[9][10][11][12] and Saxon Shore.[13][14]


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