Burrén and Burrena

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Burrén and Burrena
Las Dos Teticas
Highest point
Elevation 413 m (1,355 ft)
Listing Breast-shaped hills
Mountains of Aragon
Coordinates 41°52′16″N 1°25′29″W / 41.87111°N 1.42472°W / 41.87111; -1.42472Coordinates: 41°52′16″N 1°25′29″W / 41.87111°N 1.42472°W / 41.87111; -1.42472
Burrén and Burrena is located in Spain
Burrén and Burrena
Burrén and Burrena
Location Campo de Borja, Aragon
Parent range Isolated hills
Mountain type Sedimentary rock
First ascent Unknown
Easiest route From Fréscano or Mallén

Burrén and Burrena, known popularly as Las Dos Teticas, are twin hills in Aragon, Spain. They are located in the Fréscano municipal limits, near the road between this town and Mallén.

Burrén has an elevation of 413 metres and Burrena of 397 m above sea level. There are two ancient Iron Age Urnfield culture archaeological sites beneath the hills.[1] These sites have been declared Bien de Interés Cultural in the heritage register of the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

These mountains are isolated hills visible from far away in the flat landscape of northern Campo de Borja comarca.

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