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SkyTrain station
Vancouver - Burrard Station entrance 01.jpg
Location 635 Burrard Street, Vancouver
Coordinates 49°17′08″N 123°07′13″W / 49.285616°N 123.120157°W / 49.285616; -123.120157Coordinates: 49°17′08″N 123°07′13″W / 49.285616°N 123.120157°W / 49.285616; -123.120157
Owned by BC Transit, TransLink
Platforms Split platforms
Tracks 2
Connections Translinkbus.svg 95 B-Line
Structure type Subway
Platform levels 2
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code BU
Fare zone 1
Opened December 11, 1985
Passengers (2011[1]) 44,200
Preceding station   TransLink   Following station
Expo Line
toward King George
Expo Line
A train arriving at Burrard’s eastbound platform

Burrard is a SkyTrain station in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, served by the Expo Line. The station is located in the Dunsmuir Tunnel located beneath Downtown Vancouver, and opened in 1985.


Burrard station is located in the heart of Vancouver’s financial district and is very close to Coal Harbour and the West End. The subway station is accessible from the surface via an entrance through an urban park named Art Phillips Park (originally Discovery Square)[2] where Burrard Street meets Melville and Dunsmuir Streets, or via the underground shopping malls of the Royal Centre and Bentall Centre skyscraper complexes.


Burrard station is one of six SkyTrain subway stations currently serving Downtown Vancouver. It connects with many TransLink bus routes in Metro Vancouver; these buses serve the city of Vancouver, Burnaby, the city and district of North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and the Tri-Cities.

Prior to the opening of the Canada Line, a number of routes also served Richmond (including the 98 B-Line), Delta, Surrey, and White Rock.


Like Granville, and King Edward, Burrard Station has a distinctive platform design. The westbound track (to Waterfront Station) is stacked on top of the eastbound track (to King George and Production Way--University), with the westbound platform being one level above the eastbound platform.

The structure housing the surface station entrance was designed to resemble Victorian-era British railway stations, with a peaked glass roof.

When originally opened, the station’s only underground passage was to the Bentall Centre skyscraper complex in the Financial District. A connection to the Royal Centre complex was constructed some years later, while an anticipated underground passage to the Park Place skyscraper across the street was never built.

Station information[edit]

Station layout[edit]

S Street Burrard entrances and elevator access
Ticket vending machines, fare gates (elevator access)
C Concourse Connection to Royal Centre and Bentall Centre
Ticket vending machines
    Gap between levels
T1 Lower Concourse Ticket vending machines, fare gates (Burrard)
Platform 1  Expo Line towards Waterfront (Terminus)
Side platform, doors will open on the left
T2 Platform 2  Expo Line towards King George and Production Way–University (Granville)
Side platform, doors will open on the right


  • Burrard Street Entrance is the main entrance for Buarrard station, with connection to Royal Centre and Bentall Centre at concourse level. Three escalators are available between platform and concourse level, and 1 up-escalator between concourse and street level. Fare gates are located at inbound platform level for this entrance.
  • Burrard Street Elevator Access Handicapped/disabled access is separated from the main entrance at street level and located north of the entrance, closer to the Burrard and Dunsmuir intersection. A small station house is being built to accommodate fare gates at street level. At platform level, the access to the elevator is behind a narrow door and a short corridor.[3]

Transit connections[edit]

Burrard station provides an on-street transit exchange on Burrard, Dunsmuir, and Thurlow Street. Bus bay assignment is as follows:[4]

Bay Location Routes
  • Burrard Street
  • Southbound
  • 2 Macdonald
  • 5 Robson
  • 32 Dunbar (PM peak hours only)
  • 44 UBC
  • N22 Macdonald
  • Dunsmuir Street
  • Westbound
  • 209 Upper Lynn Valley
  • 210 Upper Lynn Valley
  • 211 Seymour
  • 214 Blueridge (PM peak hours only)
  • Dunsmuir Street
  • Westbound
  • Spare
  • Thurlow Street
  • Northbound
  • 2 Macdonald
  • 22 Knight
  • Burrard Street
  • Northbound
  • 5 Downtown
  • 44 Downtown
  • N22 Downtown
  • Burrard Street
  • Northbound
95 B-Line (SFU)


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