Burrell Memorial Observatory

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Burrell Memorial Observatory
Burrell Observatory 2 Baldwin Wallace University.JPG
Burrell Memorial Observatory
Organization Baldwin Wallace University
Location Berea, Ohio
Coordinates 41°22′31″N 81°51′05″W / 41.3754°N 81.8513°W / 41.3754; -81.8513Coordinates: 41°22′31″N 81°51′05″W / 41.3754°N 81.8513°W / 41.3754; -81.8513
Established 1940 (1940)
Website www.bw.edu/academics/phy/ast/
Warner & Swasey refracting Telescope refracting telescope with a 13 3/8 inch objective, a 4 - inch finder, and a 1 inch finder.
Burrell Memorial Observatory is located in the US
Burrell Memorial Observatory
Location of Burrell Memorial Observatory
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Burrell Memorial Observatory referred to as Burrell Observatory is an astronomical observatory located on the campus of Baldwin Wallace University. The observatory was established in 1940, in Berea, Ohio.


The observatory is located on the northernmost point of the Baldwin Wallace University campus. Built in 1940, the observatory is named after Katherine Ward Burrell as a memorial to her late husband Edward P. Burrell. The observatory houses a Warner & Swasey refracting telescope with a 1338-inch objective, a 4-inch finder, and a 1-inch finder.[1]

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