Burruyacú Department

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Burruyacú Department is a department located in the northwest of the Tucumán Province, Argentina. According to the 2001 census, its population was 32,936 The Department seat is the town of Burruyacú.


The department has a total area of 3,605 km², making it the largest department in the province. It has a mountainous west formed by the Sierra de Medinas. East of these mountains is a fertile and sparsely populated plain where ranching and agriculture dominate the land use.

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Transportation infrastructure[edit]

Major highways[edit]

  • National Route 34
  • Tucumán Province Route 304
  • Tucumán Province Route 305
  • Tucuman Province Route 310
  • Tucuman Province Route 317
  • Tucuman Province Route 321
  • Tucuman Province Route 336

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Coordinates: 26°30′01″S 64°44′31″W / 26.5003°S 64.7419°W / -26.5003; -64.7419