Bursalı İsmail Hakkı

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İsmail Hakkı Bursevî
(Bursalı İsmail Hakkı)
Born 1653
Aytos, Ottoman Empire
Died 1725
Bursa, Ottoman Empire
Genres Ottoman classical music Turkish makam music
Occupation(s) Lyrics author

İsmail Hakkı Bursevî (born in Aytos, Ottoman Empire in 1653 - d. 1725 in Bursa, Ottoman Empire) was a Religious Islamic Ottoman scholar, interpreter and Ottoman lyricist author.[1]


Bursalı İsmail Hakkı was appointed sheikh for the tekke of the Jalvatīyya Ṭarīqah in Bursa. In addition to practicing that, he penned countless works on Tasavvuf, Islamic philosophy, morality and tefsir. In most of his works İsmail Hakkı wrote in the style of Yunus Emre.

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