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PerthWestern Australia
OIC burswood burswood road.jpg
Burswood Road
Burswood is located in Perth
Coordinates 31°57′47″S 115°53′42″E / 31.963°S 115.895°E / -31.963; 115.895Coordinates: 31°57′47″S 115°53′42″E / 31.963°S 115.895°E / -31.963; 115.895
Population 1,279 (2006 census)[1]
 • Density 376/km2 (974/sq mi)
Established 1890s
Postcode(s) 6100
Area 3.4 km2 (1.3 sq mi)
Location 3 km (2 mi) from Perth
LGA(s) Town of Victoria Park
State electorate(s) Victoria Park
Federal Division(s) Swan
Suburbs around Burswood:
(Swan River) (Swan River) Maylands
East Perth Burswood Rivervale
Victoria Park Victoria Park Lathlain

Burswood is an inner southeastern suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located immediately across the Swan River from Perth's central business district (CBD) via both The Causeway and Graham Farmer Freeway. Its local government area is the Town of Victoria Park.

Burswood contains Crown Perth and the Belmont Park racecourse.


Burswood developed as two separate entities - the Burswood Island region, and the southernmost part which was part of Victoria Park until the 1990s.

Henry Camfield, who emigrated from England to the Swan River Colony in 1829, with two indentured servants and their families, was granted 1,000 acres (4.0 km2) of land opposite Claisebrook. Camfield named the estate after his father's farm, Burrswood, near Groombridge in Kent.[2][3]

The area was a low-lying peninsula leading to a ridge and steep, sandy hill with scrubland beyond. The peninsula became Burrswood Island in 1841 when Burswood canal was cut to offer a more direct route to Guildford, which had previously been encumbered by mud flats. By this time, the land was earning income and Camfield let it to tenants until he sold it in 1871. A statue of Henry Camfield is located in Burswood Park surrounding the entertainment complex today.

During the 1890s, the railway including the Bunbury Bridge to Armadale was built through the area. The current spelling of Burswood was a result of a misspelling on the station signage.[4] Western Australia's first golf course (9-hole) was built at Burswood Island in 1895 - the clubhouse was a mud hut - and in 1899 a racecourse was also built. In 1902 it became the Belmont Park Racecourse, and in 1906 the Goodwood railway station, which later became Belmont Park railway station opened.

From 1900 until 1943 there were two racecourses Goodwood and Belmont Park, but Western Australian Turf Club bought both over and closed the second one down.

Efforts were made to establish a residential district at "Riversdale Estate", but the use of Burswood Island as part of a sewerage filtration system (1906-1934) and the existence of various light industries from the 1910s onward worked against development. Residents in the area requested a change of name and in 1921, the name Rivervale was adopted.[5]

In 1985, the development of the Burswood Island Resort, including a casino, rehabilitated the name and the suburb was gazetted as Burswood in 1993, also including the residential area of Victoria Park south of Burswood Road.

Jacaranda-lined Howick Street, with CBD in background


Burswood is bounded by the Swan River to the west, north and north-east; Graham Farmer Freeway, Great Eastern Highway and the Armadale railway to the east, and Shepperton Road and Harper Street to the south. Only a small section between Shepperton Road and the railway line is residential, although a new estate is being constructed near the resort and golf course.[6]

At the ABS 2001 census, Burswood had a mostly above-average-income white population of 966 people living in 586 dwellings, many of which are townhouses or flats. About 15% of the population were of East or South-East Asian origin.[7] Several apartment blocks exist on Hampton Street.


Crown Perth (formerly known as Burswood Entertainment Complex), has two hotels, a 24-hour casino, Convention Centre, seven restaurants and bars, a nightclub and a theatre. Prior to July 2013, it had an indoor stadium. Other major facilities include the State Tennis Centre Burswood Park Golf Course [6] and the Riverview Church situated opposite Burswood Entertainment Complex.


The Perth-Armadale rail line runs through this area and is serviced by the Burswood Train Station. Buses from the Victoria Park transfer station and along Great Eastern Highway and Craig Street service the area. All services are operated by the Public Transport Authority.

A courtesy shuttle bus operated by the Burswood Resort ferries passengers between the train station and the Burswood Entertainment Complex.


The nearest booth, Homestead Seniors Centre in Victoria Park, is marginal at federal level, and supports the Australian Labor Party at state elections.

2010 Federal Election
Source: AEC [1]
  Liberal 46.5%
  Labor 35.6%
  Greens 12.9%
  CDP 1.93%
  Family First 0.61%
2007 Federal Election
Source: AEC [2]
  Liberal 43.1%
  Labor 41.4%
  Greens 11.8%
  CDP 1.22%
  One Nation 0.61%
2004 Federal Election
Source: AEC [3]
  Liberal 42.4%
  Labor 39.6%
  Greens 9.90%
  Democrats 2.29%
  One Nation 1.60%
2001 Federal Election
Source: AEC [4]
  Labor 39.9%
  Liberal 38.6%
  Democrats 7.76%
  Greens 6.59%
  One Nation 4.27%
2008 State Election
Source: WAEC
  Labor 43.0%
  Liberal 40.0%
  Greens 13.9%
  CDP 1.57%
  Family First 1.44%
2005 State Election
Source: WAEC
  Labor 55.0%
  Liberal 30.7%
  Greens 9.18%
  CDP 2.87%
  One Nation 2.76%
2001 State Election
Source: WAEC
  Labor 48.1%
  Liberal 29.5%
  Greens 8.68%
  One Nation 6.35%
  Democrats 4.75%
1996 State Election
Source: WAEC
  Labor 47.0%
  Liberal 36.6%
  Greens 7.22%
  Democrats 5.41%
  Independent 3.78%

Notable residents[edit]

  • Lionel Yorke, former radio, television and stage personality.

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