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Burt Leavelle Monroe, Jr (25 August 1930 – 14 May 1994, Louisville, Kentucky) was an American ornithologist, a member of the American Ornithologists' Union beginning in 1953, who served as the Union's Director of the Commission of classification and nomenclature (1981-1994) and as its president from 1990 to 1992.[citation needed]

His studies[edit]

Burt L. Monroe was locally (Louisville, Kentucky) known as a UFO researcher, appearing on the Milton Metz radio talk show as a regular guest to cover this topic.[citation needed]

His career[edit]

  • 1959 : Thesis at Louisiana State University (LSU), participation in a number of field studies in New Zealand and Africa (1961),
  • 1965 : Assistant professor of biology at the University of Louisville,
  • 1970-1993 : Director of the department of biology at the University of Louisville

His work[edit]

  • 1990 : His main work- Distribution and Taxonomy of Birds of the World, in collaboration with Charles Sibley.