Burton-in-Kendal Services

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Burton-in-Kendal Services
Burton-in-Kendal Motorway Services.jpg
The main building
Burton-in-Kendal Services is located in Cumbria
Burton-in-Kendal Services
Burton-in-Kendal Services (Cumbria)
Coordinates:54°10′41″N 2°44′05″W / 54.178078°N 2.73475°W / 54.178078; -2.73475Coordinates: 54°10′41″N 2°44′05″W / 54.178078°N 2.73475°W / 54.178078; -2.73475
OperatorMoto Hospitality
Date opened23 October 1970
WebsiteMoto[permanent dead link]

Burton-in-Kendal services is a motorway service station on the M6 motorway on the Cumbria, Lancashire border, England. It is located about 4 miles (6 km) north of Carnforth, and approximately 0.5 miles west of the Village of Burton in Kendal of which it takes its name. It is accessible to northbound traffic only, with southbound traffic having to use Killington Lake services (southbound only) about ten miles north (or the facilities in the town of Carnforth just off the motorway). It opened on 23 October 1970, operated by Mobil Motorway Services.[1] It is currently operated by Moto.


The services are located between junctions 35 and 36 on the M6, and is only available to northbound traffic.

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