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'Burton' is a cultivar of hican (nut or tree), a cross between hickory and pecan, species of the genus Carya. The Burton is an edible nut of the hicans; it is considered a shagbark (smaller nuts, higher yielding). Hicans can be both edible or inedible, if the nut is larger but the tree produces far less than a shagbark they are considered shellbarks. A seedling from 'Burton' is commonly called a 'Dooley Burton' it is also an edible hican nut. Burton and Dooley Burton nuts have a unique, yet very pleasing hickory flavor indicative to hickory trees. Of the two Dooley Burton seedlings produce a more noticeable hickory-flavored nut. [1] Hickory-pecan hybrids are often unproductive.

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