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Burton Arms Apartments was an edifice completed in December 1922, located at 2115 Walton Avenue[1] and 181st Street (Manhattan)[2] in the Bronx. The building was one block from Lexington Avenue (Manhattan)-Jerome Avenue. Advertised as the most beautiful apartment house in New York City, it could be reached via the 6th Avenue (Manhattan) - 9th Avenue (Manhattan) subway or the L at Burnside Avenue. 3,4, or 5 room rentals were available.[3] Burton Arms Apartments is important as an early 1920s structure which provided comfortable living quarters as well as accommodations for businesses.

On a plot 75 X 100 feet, it was purchased by Maurice Forman from Survell Realty Company in March 1923. At this time, it was completely rented, including its eight stores. The structure sold for $210,000, purchased from the Armstrong Brothers.[1]

In 1926, Burton Arms Apartments brought an annual rental of $29,000. The edifice was sold to Joseph Wikler by the Harstein Brothers in October 1926.[2]


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Coordinates: 40°51′19.22″N 73°54′17.95″W / 40.8553389°N 73.9049861°W / 40.8553389; -73.9049861