Burundi Premier League

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Burundi Premier League
Flag-map of Burundi.svg
Founded 1972
Country Burundi
Confederation CAF
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) Burundian Cup
International cup(s) Champions League
Confederation Cup
Current champions Le Messager FC de Ngozi
Most championships Vital'O FC (20)
2017–18 Burundi Premier League

The Burundi Premier League (or Amstel Ligue as it is known) is the highest division in football in Burundi. The league was formed in 1972. It has 16 teams that plays 30 rounds home and away.

In 2009, the league was reduced to 12 teams.

Amstel Ligue 2015-16 Teams[edit]

Previous champions[edit]

* Vital'ô were disqualified due to "affaire Tchambala". ** Vital'ô finished second. *** Vital'ô were founded as Rwanda Sport FC in 1957, changed name to ALTECO from 1962 to 1965, to Tout Puissant Bata from 1966 to 1970, then merged with Rapide in 1971 to become Espoir from 1971 to 1972, and were renamed Vital'ô in 1972.

Performance By Club[edit]

Club City Titles Last Title
Vital'O FC [includes TP Bata] Bujumbura 20 2015–16
Inter FC Bujumbura 9 1989
Maniema FC [includes Fantastique] Bujumbura 7 1997
AS Inter Star Bujumbura 4 2008
LLB Sports4Africa FC [includes LLB Académic FC] Bujumbura 2 2016–17
Athlético Olympic FC Bujumbura 2 2010–11
Prince Louis FC Bujumbura 2 2001
Stella Matutina FC Bujumbura 2 1964
Le Messager FC de Ngozi Ngozi 1 2017–18
Flambeau de l'Est Ruyigi 1 2012–13
Muzinga FC Bujumbura 1 2002
Sports Dynamic Bujumbura 1 1972
Espoir FC Bujumbura 1 1969


Year Best scorers Team Goals
1998 Burundi Wembo Sutche Vital'O FC 15
2007 Burundi Wembo Sutche Vital'O FC 12
2008 Burundi Eric Gatoto Vital'O FC 18
2013 Samuel L.F.S. Murray Vital'O FC 33

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