Burundian legislative election, 1993

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Parliamentary elections were held in Burundi on 29 June 1993. They were the first multi-party parliamentary elections since 1965, and followed the approval of a new constitution in a referendum in 1992. The result was a victory for the Front for Democracy in Burundi, which won 65 of the 81 seats.[1]


Six political parties and eight independents took part in the election


Party Votes % Seats
Front for Democracy in Burundi 1,532,106 72.58 65
Union for National Progress 461,691 21.87 16
Rally for the People of Burundi 35,932 1.70 0
People's Reconciliation Party 30,251 1.43 0
Rally for Democracy and Economic and Social Development 26,519 1.26 0
People's Party 24,372 1.15 0
Invalid/blank votes 45,788
Total 2,156,659 100 81
Registered voters/turnout 2,360,090 91.4
Source: EISA