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Bururi is located in Burundi
Location in the Burundi
Coordinates: 3°57′S 29°37′E / 3.950°S 29.617°E / -3.950; 29.617
CountryFlag of Burundi.svg Burundi
PrefectureBururi Province
Elevation1,836 m (6,024 ft)
Population (2012)
 • Total20,764

Bururi is a city located in southern Burundi. It is the capital city of Bururi Province and has around 20.000 inhabitants in 2007.


On 29 April 1972, a massacre took place here.[1] Local Hutu gendarmes in Bururi drove out military and civil government control of the Tutsi military regime of Micombero. A republic was declared, and a week later suppressed by Burundian troops. Subsequent government reprisals against Hutu intelligentsia has been referred to as a 'partial genocide'.


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Coordinates: 3°57′S 29°37′E / 3.950°S 29.617°E / -3.950; 29.617