Bury Hill, Arundel

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Bury Hill cricket ground
Locationnear Arundel, Sussex
Home clubArundel Cricket Club
County clubSussex
Last used1745

Bury Hill is an area of West Sussex lying north of Arundel and west of Bury. In the 18th century, its name was spelled Berry Hill and it was a high-profile venue for cricket matches. It was the home ground of Arundel Cricket Club.

Cricket matches[edit]

Bury Hill was possibly the venue for the match in 1702 between the 1st Duke of Richmond's XI and an Arundel XI.[1] Its earliest known definite use was on Tuesday, 20 July 1725 for the 2nd Duke of Richmond's XI versus Sir William Gage's XI which Richmond's XI won by over 40 runs.[2] The same fixture was held there again on Friday, 12 June 1730, but the result is unknown.[3] On Monday, 26 August 1745, it was used for a Sussex versus Surrey match which Surrey are believed to have won.[4]


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