Burzum (album)

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Studio album by Burzum
ReleasedMarch 1992 (1992-03)
RecordedJanuary 1992, Grieg Hall, Bergen, Norway
GenreBlack metal
LabelDeathlike Silence
ProducerPytten, Count Grishnackh, Euronymous
Burzum chronology

Burzum is the debut studio album by Norwegian black metal solo project Burzum. It was released in March 1992, through Euronymous's label Deathlike Silence Productions. Six of the songs were later re-recorded in 2010 and released on the album From the Depths of Darkness, as Varg Vikernes was dissatisfied with some of the original vocals and production.

The album was re-released as Burzum / Aske to include the songs from the Aske EP.[1] Only the Aske version of "A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit" was included on this, but the original version was included on Burzum 1992–1999, released by Byelobog Productions.

Track listing[edit]

All music and lyrics by Varg Vikernes except "Ea, Lord of the Depths", words taken from the Necronomicon.[2]

Side Hate
1."Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown"7:28
2."Ea, Lord of the Depths" (some editions mislabel the title as "Ea, Lord of the Deeps")4:52
3."Black Spell of Destruction" (some editions mislabel the title as "Spell of Destruction")5:39
4."Channelling the Power of Souls into a New God"3:27
Side Winter
6."The Crying Orc"0:58
7."A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit"9:11
8."My Journey to the Stars"8:10
9."Dungeons of Darkness"4:50
Total length:47:05



Additional personnel[edit]

  • Euronymous – guitar solo on "War", gong on "Dungeons of Darkness", production


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