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Busaiteen (Arabic: البسيتين‎) is a small town in northern Bahrain. It is located on Muharraq Island, just north of Muharraq City.


The town's name, "Busaiteen," pertains to the large number of orchards found in it.


Busaiteen has to its credit the first school in Bahrain and in the entire Persian Gulf region, which is Al-Hidaya Al-Khalifia School. The Medical University of Bahrain which is a fully owned constituent university of RCSI, opened its new campus in Busaiteen in September 2008. As of October 2009, construction of the King Hamad General Hospital is well underway and is expected to open in the summer of 2010. The hospital is to be joint managed by RCSI Bahrain. It has also Sh. Khalifa Bin Salman Al-Khalifa Institute of Technology[permanent dead link].

The Ministry of Education operates area schools. Boys schools in Busaiteen include Al-Busaiteen Primary Boys School, Al-Hidaya Al-Khalifa Secondary Boys School, and Al-Muharraq Technical Secondary Boys School. Girls schools in Busaiteen include Al-Busaiteen Primary Girls School and Al-Busaiteen Intermediate Girls School.[1]

The French School of Bahrain is located in Busaiteen.[2]


The town has 2 sport clubs:


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Coordinates: 26°16′19″N 50°36′32″E / 26.272°N 50.609°E / 26.272; 50.609