Busan Lotte Town Tower

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Busan Lotte Town Tower
Busan Lotte World.jpg
Proposed plan for the appearance of Busan Lotte Town Tower
General information
Status On hold[1]
Type Office, hotel, residential
Location Busan, South Korea
Coordinates 35°05′51.06″N 129°02′14.34″E / 35.0975167°N 129.0373167°E / 35.0975167; 129.0373167Coordinates: 35°05′51.06″N 129°02′14.34″E / 35.0975167°N 129.0373167°E / 35.0975167; 129.0373167
Construction stopped September 2013
Opening Postponed
Owner Lotte Shopping Co. Ltd
Roof 510.1 m (1,674 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 107
Floor area 255,146 m2 (2,746,370 sq ft)
Lifts/elevators 45
Design and construction
Architect Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
Structural engineer Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

The Busan Lotte Town Tower, also known as Busan Lotte World Tower (Hangul: 부산 롯데 타운 타워) is a 108-floor, 510.1 m (1,674 ft) supertall skyscraper on hold in Busan, South Korea. The tower is planned on a site next to Nampo-dong station on Busan Subway Line 1 .[1][2]

The tower is the centerpiece of the new Busan Lotte Town and construction is being carried out in four phases. The first phase includes a department store, completed in 2009. The second phase, an addition to the department store, was completed in 2010. The third phase will be a market and a cinema, which was completed in 2014, and the last phase will include a luxury hotel, an observation deck, offices, and cultural facilities in a 107 story skyscraper.[4] The design of the skyscraper is intended to resemble a standing ship, in reference to the city's harbour.[4] The tower's underground parking space will be able to house over 2,400 cars. The tower will contain retail outlets (floors 1-11), offices (12-36), residences (41-78), a luxury hotel (82-104), and public access floors (107-110) with an observation deck.

In September 2013, the construction work was stopped due to the lack of funding. Construction will be resumed once the developer provides the required payments for the project. It is estimated that construction will restart in 2018.

Floor Plans[edit]

Floors Use
107-110 Observation Deck
82-104 Lotte Town Hotel
41-78 Residence
12-36 Offices
1-11 Prime Outlets
B1-B5 Parking lot


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