Busan station

Coordinates: 35°06′55″N 129°02′29″E / 35.11520°N 129.04137°E / 35.11520; 129.04137
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The main terminal for Busan Station
General information
Coordinates35°06′55″N 129°02′29″E / 35.11520°N 129.04137°E / 35.11520; 129.04137
Operated byKorail Korail
Line(s)Gyeongbu Line
KTX Gyeongbu High Speed Railway
Structure typeAboveground
Opened1 April 1908; 115 years ago (1908-04-01)
Preceding station Following station
towards Seoul or Haengsin

Gyeongbu KTX
towards Suseo
Suseo SRT
towards Seoul

Busan station (Korean부산역) is a train station in Busan, South Korea. It is the southern terminus of the Gyeongbu Line & the Gyeongbu high-speed railway, the most important railway lines in the country, which links Busan with Seoul in around two and a half hours on KTX, Korea's high-speed rail train.[1][2][3] There are also cheaper, slower rail alternatives to seoul, including the "Mugungwha" Train, which takes over four hours. Essentially all trains to Seoul stop in a few settlements between the two cities. It is also an underground station on Busan Metro Line 1 between Jungang and Choryang stations. The station is centrally located in the Choryang-dong (neighbourhood) of Dong-gu (ward) in Busan.

Construction of the new KTX Busan terminal began in 2001 and was completed in 2003. The new station covers 24,646 square meters (265,290 square feet) and it is equipped with up-to-date automatic ticket vending machines, 11 elevators, 10 escalators, PC area, waiting and vending areas.[4] Western shop franchises in the station include a Tom&Tom's, a "Subway" sandwich shop, and a Weeny beenys.

The entire convex curved front of the structure is glass covered construction and the station is considered an architecturally significant building.[5]

The main entrance opens up to a large park-like area surrounding the front of the station to the west.


Platform No. Line Train Destination Other
1 Gyeongbu Line ITX-Saemaeul For Gupo·Dongdaegu·Daejeon·Seoul
3·4 Gyeongbu Line Mugunghwa-ho For Dongdaegu·Daejeon·Seoul
5·6 Gyeongbu Line·Gyeongbu High Speed Railway KTX For Gupo·Miryang·Dongdaegu·Daejeon·Seoul·Haengsin
8·9 Gyeongbu Line·Gyeongbu High Speed Railway KTX For Ulsan·Gyeongju·Dongdaegu·Daejeon·Seoul·Haengsin Some KTX Trains run via Suwon or Yeongdeungpo which are stations on the non-KTX Gyeongbu Line
10·13 Gyeongbu Line·Gyeongbu High Speed Railway KTX·ITX-Saemaeul·Mugunghwa-ho Exit only

Metro station[edit]

Busan Station
Exit 8
General information
Coordinates35°06′55″N 129°02′23″E / 35.115229°N 129.039702°E / 35.115229; 129.039702
Operated byBusan Transportation Corporation
Line(s)     Line 1
Structure typeUnderground
Other information
Station code113
Opened15 May 1987; 36 years ago (1987-05-15)
Preceding station Busan Metro Following station
Jungang Line 1 Choryang
towards Nopo

Busan station of Busan Metro has two side platforms serving two tracks.


Up Line 1 For JungangNampoDadaepo Beach
Down Line 1 For SeomyeonYeonsanDongnaeNopo
  • Platform numbers are not assigned.

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