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The House of Bushati was a prominent Ottoman Albanian family that ruled the Pashalik of Scutari from 1757 to 1831. Their dominance of the Scutari region was gained through a network of alliances with various highland tribes. Even after the fall of the pashaluk in 1831, the Bushatis continued to play an important role in the Albanian society. During the 19th century, Scutari was also known as a cultural centre and in the 1840s the Bushati Library was built.

There is also a village in Albania known as Bushat, just outside Shkodër.


The family claimed that it descended from the Islamized son of Lord Ivan Crnojević, Skenderbeg Crnojević.[1][2] That tradition strengthened the family's pretention over the Montenegro Vilayet.[1]

Genealogical tree of the House of Bushati[edit]

Flag of Mahmut Pasha Bushatli
 │Mehmed Paşa 
 ├─> Derviş Bey 
 └─> Ömer Bey
    └─> Süleyman Paşa (Vali of Rumelia, 1115 AH) 
        ├─> Halil Paşa
        ├─> Ali Bey 
        ├─> Hasan Paşa                                     
        ├─> Arslan Paşa 
        ├─> Deli Hüseyin Paşa
        └─> Kapudan Mehmed Bey
            ├─>  Abdullah Paşa
            └─>  Mustafa Bey 
                 ├─> Haci Süleyman Paşa 
                 └─> Mehmed Paşa Plaku (the Old)
                     ├─> İbrahim Paşa  
                     ├─> Ahmed Paşa 
                     ├─> Karamahmud Paşa
                     └─> Mustafa Paşa Qorri (the Blind)
                         └─> Mehmed Paşa (died in Tirana, in 1217 AH) 
                             └─> Şerif Mustafa Paşa 
                                 ├─> Mahmud Paşa            
                                 ├─> İsuf Bey
                                 ├─> Hasan Paşa 
                                 └─> Riza Bey
                                     └─> Celal Paşa

List of prominent family members[edit]

See also[edit]

For the village in Kosovo also sometimes called Bushati, see Komorane.


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