Bushrod W. Lott

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Bushrod W. Lott
Born (1826-05-01)May 1, 1826
Pemberton, New Jersey
Died September 24, 1886(1886-09-24) (aged 60)
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Occupation Politician
Title Mayor of Saint Paul
Political party Democrat

Bushrod Washington Lott (May 1, 1826 – September 24, 1886) was an American politician in the Minnesota Territory in Saint Paul, Minnesota who served as United States Consul (Tehuantepec, Mexico; Appointed by President Abraham Lincoln) from 1862 to 1865. An active Democrat, Lott was elected Chief Clerk of the Minnesota Territorial House of Representatives and served as a member of that body in 1853 and 1856; he also was elected mayor of Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1852.[1]

Early life[edit]

Bushrod W. Lott was born May 1, 1826 in Pemberton, New Jersey to Dr. Charles Francis Lott (1781–1866) (a surgeon in the War of 1812) and Edith Newbold Lamb Lott (1788–1827). Bushrod W. Lott's family moved to St. Louis, Missouri in 1837. Lott and two of his brothers were educated at St. Louis University and studied law in Quincy, Illinois.

Political career[edit]

Bushrod W. Lott was admitted to the practice of law in 1847. His brother, Peter Lott, served in the Mexican War, served as Judge of Courts in Quincy, Illinois, and was appointed by his personal friend, President Abraham Lincoln as United States Consul to Tehuantepec, Mexico, where Peter Lott died. His brother, Charles F. Lott traveled over the California Trail as California Gold Rush pioneer, lawyer, and judge who helped form California’s government, started the first Citrus Exchange in California, and served as a California State Senator).[2]

As one of the early pioneers of Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1848, Bushrod W. Lott, accompanied Gen. Samuel Leech, who had been appointed Receiver of United States Land Office, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, where Bushrod W. Lott served as Clerk. In the fall of 1848, Lott settled in Saint Paul, Minnesota where he practiced law (his real estate holdings were valued at $3,000 in 1850); he was elected Justice of the Peace (Saint Paul, Minnesota) in 1851; and served as the third mayor of Saint Paul, Minn. from 1852-1854. In 1862, Bushrod Lott was appointed by President Lincoln to serve out his brother Peter Lott's term as U.S. Consul to Tehuantepec, Mexico, a post he held until 1865.

Family life[edit]

Bushrod Lott and Cornelia Friend Lott, c. 1860.

On February 14, 1860, Bushrod W. Lott married Corneila Friend, of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; a son, Kennedy F. Lott (1866–1953) of Saint Paul, Minnesota; and a daughter, Edith Lamb Lott (1870 - 17 July 1942) married Judge Oscar Hallam Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, on July 27, 1892 in Saint Paul, Minnesota; and a granddaughter, Corneila Hallam Miller (16 April 1893 - 20 February 1975) in Saint Paul, Minnesota.


Bushrod W. Lott died on September 24, 1886 in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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