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Business France is a French Government agency created on 1 January 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the French Agency for International Investment (InvestInFrance). It has the status of a public institution of an industrial and commercial character under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and the Ministry of Rural Spatial Planning and Development Territory.

Business France's Chairman is Pascal Cagni and Director General is Christophe Lecourtier.

Business France work is divided into four main pillars: 1) promote French exports; 2) promote inward investments to France; 3) enable international internships in French companies abroad, also open to candidates from the European Economic Area. The international internship is called VIE, which stands for” Volontariat International en Entreprises”); and 4) promote the image of France as business country.[1]


Ubifrance was the French agency for export promotion. It succeeded the "Centre Français du commerce extérieur"(CFCE). Its headquarters is on Boulevard Saint-Jacques, 14th arrondissement of Paris, but it is also based in the World Trade Center of Grenoble. UBIFrance has 66 economic missions in 46 countries and more than 1,400 employees in France and abroad responsible for helping French companies in their international development.[2] France's budget bill for 2011 authorized €105,398,000 for the agency.[3]

On 1 January 2015, UBIFRANCE merged with InvestInFrance and became Business France.[4]


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