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Business Leaders for Michigan
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PurposeTo serve as the business roundtable for the state of Michigan
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Doug Rothwell

Business Leaders for Michigan is a private, non-profit organization based in Detroit, Michigan, United States. Originally formed in 1970 as the Detroit Renaissance,[1] the organization was reconstituted in 2009 as Business Leaders for Michigan with an expanded focus on the entire state of Michigan. Membership consists exclusively of the most senior level executives, and chairpersons of many of the state's largest employers and universities.


The organization regularly publishes research and benchmarking reports detailing the competitiveness of Michigan against other states in numerous economic and educational categories. Their goal is to use this data to develop strategy and raise awareness of issues facing the state, and to champion initiatives and advocate policy changes that their membership believes will enable public policy makers to implement policy changes to help advance the economy of Michigan.


  • Michigan Turnaround Plan,[2] a three-step plan for improving the state's economic and educational metrics
  • Accelerate Michigan,[3] a partnership between Business Leaders for Michigan and the University Research Corridor to facilitate a strategic alliance between the key business leaders and the leading research universities in Michigan, with the goal of accelerating the economic transformation of the area and cultivating entrepreneurship
  • Detroit Creative Corridor Center[4] is a partnership between Business Leaders for Michigan and the College for Creative Studies. DC3 was formed to accelerate the creative economy in Detroit with a focus on community outreach and events, business accelerator services, and resources for developing the talent of the creative professional.
  • Renaissance Venture Capital Fund,[5] a $100 million "fund of funds" created with the goal of promoting the growth of venture capital investments in Michigan, primarily in relation to bridging the work done by the emerging innovative companies in the area with the more established industrial and commercial bases
  • Annual Leadership Summit and CEO Summit, which are hosted to bring together Michigan business leaders and policymakers[6]

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