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Business New Europe
Business New Europe logo.jpg
Editor-in-chiefBen Aris
CategoriesNews magazine
Publisherbne Media Ltd
Companybne Media Ltd
Based inLondon and suburban Boston

Business New Europe publishes business news and data on emerging markets. A New Sparta company, bne IntelliNews is the combination of bne Media (the publisher of bne magazine founded in 2006) and Emerging Markets Direct, the parent publisher of the IntelliNews news and viewswire founded in 1998. Both companies were acquired and merged in 2014 by Jerome Booth's New Sparta. bne IntelliNews is independently owned and operated, with significant stakes held by Ben Aris, James Hammond, Nicholas Watson and Liam Halligan. .[1]

The company publishes Business New Europe, a monthly English language magazine as well as a daily news website and email newsletters.[2] The company's name is stylized in all lower-case letters as "bne" and "business new europe" in its publications.

The company's staff are based in multiple locations throughout the magazine's geographic area of coverage.[3]

The publication positions itself as an expert source of business news on the regions it covers with a target audience of investment professionals.[4] Business New Europe has been quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek[5] and Russia Today[6] articles. Its articles are also syndicated by Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, The New York Times, Sud Deutsche Zeitung, La Republica, El Pais, Figaro, The Times of India, Russia Now,[7] Institutional Investor and Business Insider.[8]


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