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Busking days are events organised by councils, municipalities, community groups or other organisations to encourage busking in the town, city or other location on a specific day or number of days in a year. Many busking days have become established events, occurring yearly. Some busking days have transformed into street entertainment festivals where the acts are booked and paid an appearance fee or paid an appearance fee and also allowed to 'hat' the audiences. Hatting being the traditional means that acts receive payment for the their performances

In 2010, PRS for Music called on a national busking day in the UK as well as the creation of 'busk stops' to act as a designated area where buskers can play in every town across the country.[1] The campaign is currently being supported by the member of parliament Kevin Brennan, who raised the idea as an early day motion.[2] Busk in London hosted National Busking Day across the UK in 2015. This has grown to International Busking Day in July 2016, with 120 cities around the world taking part. International Busking Day kick starts the Busk in London Festival, Trafalgar Square.

Name of Event Location Country Year Started Date Occurs Each Year
Singapore Buskers Festival Singapore Singapore 1996
International Busker Festival Halifax Canada Ferrara Italy
International Comedy & Buskers Festival Coffs Harbour Australia October
World Buskers Festival Christchurch New Zealand
All Ireland Busker Festival Newcastle Eire 2001
Busking Day (Wymondham Music Festival) Wymondham UK

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