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Busmantsi is located in Bulgaria
Position of Busmantsi in Bulgaria
Coordinates: 42°41′N 23°26′E / 42.683°N 23.433°E / 42.683; 23.433Coordinates: 42°41′N 23°26′E / 42.683°N 23.433°E / 42.683; 23.433
 • Total 1,619

Busmantsi (Bulgarian: Бусманци) is a village located in the Sofia City Province, western Bulgaria. It is part of the Iskar municipality at 8 km to the east of the City centre. As of 2006 it has 1,619 inhabitants.

The village is surrounded by agricultural lands and factories. There are no woods in the vicinity with the exception of the areas around the Iskar river.

Busmantsi is also the location of a detention center that was featured in the 2009 20th Century Fox horror film Wrong Turn 3.