Buss (surname)

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Buss is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • David Buss (born 1953), evolutionary psychologist
  • Frances Buss, British pioneer of women's education
  • Henrique Adriano Buss, Brazilian footballer
  • Jeanie Buss (born 1961), American sports executive; daughter of Jerry Buss
  • Jerry Buss (1933–2013), American sports executive most famous as longtime owner of the Los Angeles Lakers
  • Jim Buss (born 1959), American sports executive; son of Jerry Buss
  • Johnny Buss (born 1956), American sports executive; oldest son of Jerry Buss
  • Leo Buss, (born 1953) Yale University professor
  • Robert William Buss, (1804–1875) artist and illustrator
  • Tito Buss (1925–2013), Brazilian Roman Catholic bishop