Bust of Giuseppe Mazzini

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Bust of Giuseppe Mazzini
The sculpture in 2007
Bust of Giuseppe Mazzini is located in Manhattan
Bust of Giuseppe Mazzini
Bust of Giuseppe Mazzini
Location in New York City
Year1878 (1878)
SubjectGiuseppe Mazzini
LocationNew York City, New York, United States
Coordinates40°46′22″N 73°58′36″W / 40.772867°N 73.976667°W / 40.772867; -73.976667Coordinates: 40°46′22″N 73°58′36″W / 40.772867°N 73.976667°W / 40.772867; -73.976667

An outdoor bronze bust of Giuseppe Mazzini by Giovanni Turini is installed in Central Park's Sheep Meadow, in Manhattan, New York. The sculpture was commissioned by a group of Italian-Americans and was dedicated in 1878 with a speech by American Poet William Cullen Bryant.[1] It sits on a granite pedestal, which includes two inscriptions that translate to "thought and action" and "God and the people". In 1994, the bust was restored by the Central Park Conservancy.[2]


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