Bust of Monsignor Pedro de Foix Montoya

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Bust of Monsignor Pedro de Foix Montoya
Bernini, ritratto di Pedro de Foix Montoya.jpg
Artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Year 1621–22 (1621–22)
Catalogue 13
Type Sculpture
Medium Marble
Dimensions Life-size
Location Santa Maria di Monserrato, Rome
Coordinates Coordinates: 41°53′45.40″N 12°28′08.69″E / 41.8959444°N 12.4690806°E / 41.8959444; 12.4690806

Bust of Monsignor Pedro de Foix Montoya is a sculpted portrait by the Italian artist Gianlorenzo Bernini. Executed in 1621 and 1622, it sits within a larger tomb created for Montoya, a Spanish lawyer working in Rome. The tomb was originally in the Spanish national church in Rome, San Giacomo degli Spagnuoli, but was moved in the nineteenth century when the church fell out of Spanish possession. The monument now sits in the refectory attached to the Roman church of Santa Maria di Monserrato. The architecture for the tomb was undertaken by Orazio Turriani.[1]


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