Buster (sport comic)

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Cover of the Finnish language Buster magazine 1/1978. In the picture there are Eki Eskelinen from Harjumäen sisu (top-left corner, in Swedish: Edward Engmark / Åshöjdens BK), Buster (top-right), Benny Kultajalka (center, Billy Dane, Benny Guldfot) and Super-Mac (lower-right, Hot-Shot Hamish)

Buster was a sport comic magazine published in Sweden 1967 - 2005 and in Finland in the 1970s and 1980s. In December 2005, Egmont discontinued the publication of Buster magazine.

At first most of the material was taken from the UK edition but as time went on the magazine produced more and more original material. This included "taking over" the Buster comic strip itself and changing the main character's appearance to a more typical sports-interested teenager instead of the son of Andy Capp.

Other comics included many series from Tiger magazine (with a heavy football theme) for example Roy of the Rovers, Johnny Cougar (Johnny Puma), Curly Kayoe (Knock-Out Charlie), Hot Shot Hamish (Super-Mac, a football hero with his Great Cannon shot), Billy's Boots (Benny Guldfot) and Åshöjden BK, one of the few Swedish produced comics.