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These are the films of American actor, comedian, and filmmaker Buster Keaton.

Short films[edit]

Starring Roscoe Arbuckle, featuring Buster Keaton[edit]

Release date Title Credited as Notes
Writer Director Role
April 23, 1917 The Butcher Boy Buster
June 25, 1917 The Rough House Yes Yes Gardener / Delivery Boy / Cop Co-directed and co-written by Roscoe Arbuckle
August 20, 1917 His Wedding Night Delivery boy
September 30, 1917 Oh Doctor! Junior Holepoke
October 29, 1917 Coney Island Rival / Cop with mustache
December 10, 1917 A Country Hero Vaudeville artist No copies are known to exist
January 20, 1918 Out West Sheriff / Saloon owner
March 18, 1918 The Bell Boy Bellboy
May 13, 1918 Moonshine Revenue agent
July 6, 1918 Good Night, Nurse! Dr. Hampton / Woman with umbrella
September 15, 1918 The Cook Waiter
September 7, 1919 Back Stage Stagehand
October 26, 1919 The Hayseed Manager, general store
January 11, 1920 The Garage Mechanic / Fireman

Starring Buster Keaton[edit]

Release date Title Credited as Notes
Writer Director Role
September 1, 1920 One Week Yes Yes The groom
October 27, 1920 Convict 13 Yes Yes Gardener / Golfer turned prisoner / Guard
December 22, 1920 Neighbors Yes Yes The boy
December 22, 1920 The Scarecrow Yes Yes Farmhand
February 10, 1921 The Haunted House Yes Yes Bank clerk
March 14, 1921 Hard Luck Yes Yes Suicidal boy
April 12, 1921 The High Sign Yes Yes Our hero
May 18, 1921 The Goat Yes Yes Buster Keaton
October 6, 1921 The Playhouse Yes Yes Audience / Orchestra / Mr. Brown – First Minstrel / Second Minstrel / Interlocutors / Stagehand
November 10, 1921 The Boat Yes Yes The boat builder
January 1922 The Paleface Yes Yes Little Chief Paleface
March 1922 Cops Yes Yes The young man
May 1922 My Wife's Relations Yes Yes The husband
July 21, 1922 The Blacksmith Yes Yes Blacksmith's assistant
August 28, 1922 The Frozen North Yes Yes The bad man
October 1922 The Electric House Yes Yes
November 1922 Daydreams Yes Yes The young man
January 22, 1923 The Balloonatic Yes Yes The young man
March 1923 The Love Nest Yes Yes Buster Keaton

Starring Buster Keaton, for Educational Pictures[edit]

Release date Title Credited as Notes
Writer Director Role
March 16, 1934 The Gold Ghost Yes Wally
May 25, 1934 Allez Oop Yes Elmer
January 11, 1935 Palooka from Paducah Jim Diltz
February 22, 1935 One Run Elmer Yes Elmer
March 15, 1935 Hayseed Romance Elmer Dolittle
May 3, 1935 Tars and Stripes Yes Apprentice seaman Elmer Doolittle
August 9, 1935 The E-Flat Man Elmer
October 25, 1935 The Timid Young Man Milton
January 3, 1936 Three on a Limb Elmer Brown
February 21, 1936 Grand Slam Opera Yes Yes Elmer Butts
August 21, 1936 Blue Blazes Yes Elmer
October 9, 1936 The Chemist Elmer Triple
November 20, 1936 Mixed Magic Yes Elmer "Happy" Butterworth
January 8, 1937 Jail Bait Office Boy
February 12, 1937 Ditto The forgotten man
March 26, 1937 Love Nest on Wheels Yes Elmer

Starring Buster Keaton, for Columbia Pictures[edit]

Release date Title Credited as Notes
Writer Director Role
June 16, 1939 Pest from the West Yes Sir
August 11, 1939 Mooching Through Georgia Yes Homer Cobb
January 19, 1940 Nothing But Pleasure Clarence Plunkett
March 22, 1940 Pardon My Berth Marks Elmer – Newspaper Copyboy
June 28, 1940 The Taming of the Snood Buster Keaton
September 20, 1940 The Spook Speaks Buster
December 13, 1940 His Ex Marks the Spot Buster – the husband
February 21, 1941 So You Won't Squawk Eddie
September 18, 1941 General Nuisance Peter Lamar – Jr.
November 20, 1941 She's Oil Mine Buster Waters, plumber

Starring Buster Keaton, for independent producers[edit]

Release date Title Credited as Notes
Writer Director Role
October 15, 1952 Paradise for Buster Buster
January 8, 1965 Film The man
October 2, 1965 The Railrodder The man
January 8, 1966 The Scribe Journalist

Feature films[edit]

Starring Buster Keaton for Metro Pictures[edit]

Starring Buster Keaton under Buster Keaton Productions[edit]

Release date Title Credited as Notes
Writer Director Role
September 24, 1923 Three Ages Yes The Boy Co-directed with Edward F. Cline
May 11, 1924 Sherlock Jr. Yes Projectionist / Sherlock Jr.
October 13, 1924 The Navigator Yes Rollo Treadway Co-directed with Donald Crisp
March 15, 1925 Seven Chances Yes James Shannon
November 1, 1925 Go West Yes Yes Friendless
September 19, 1926 Battling Butler Yes Alfred 'Battling' Butler
February 24, 1927 The General Yes Yes Johnnie Gray Co-written and directed with Clyde Bruckman
November 1927 College Yes A Son Co-directed with James W. Horne
May 20, 1928 Steamboat Bill, Jr. Yes William Canfield Jr. Co-directed with Charles Reisner

Starring Buster Keaton for Metro Goldwyn-Meyer[edit]

Starring Buster Keaton for independent film companies[edit]

With Buster Keaton, in featured or cameo roles[edit]

Television appearances[edit]


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