Busuioacă de Bohotin

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Busuioacă de Bohotin
Grape (Vitis)
Color of berry skin Rouge
Origin Romania
Notable regions county of Iaşi

Busuioacă de Bohotin (Romanian pronunciation: [busuˈjo̯akə de bohoˈtin]) is a grape which originates from the Bohotin region, in Southeast Iaşi County, Romania, and is also cultivated in other small areas: Huşi in Vaslui County, Pietroasele in Buzău County and Tohani in Prahova County, on a total area of no more than 100 ha.[1]

The wine has a light red color. Its flavor resembles honeysuckle and ripe juicy peaches. The sweet taste sometimes has a barely perceptible almond like bitter aroma caused by the latent cyanide moiety.

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