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Native to Cameroon
Region North West Province, Menchum Division, Furu-Awa Subdivision, Furu-Awa and Furu-Nangwa villages.
Native speakers
(8 cited 1986)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 bju
Glottolog busu1244[2]

Busuu is an unclassified Southern Bantoid language of Cameroon. R Breton noted in 1986 that there were just 8 speakers left,[1] while as of 2005 there were 3 speakers of the language.[3]

Questionable classification into Beboid[edit]

In the Furu-Awa Subdivision (Northern Cameroon bordering to Nigeria), three missions of ALCAM (Atlas Linguistique du Cameroun) between 1984 and 1986 investigated three Non-Jukunoid languages, among which Bikya and Bishuo are probably Beboid, but Busuu has been unable to be classified. All of these languages were spoken only by a few older inhabitants of the five villages Furu-Awa, (Furu-)Nangwa (Busuu-speaking), (Furu-)Turuwa, (Furu-)Sambari (Bishuo-speaking) and Furubana (Bikya-speaking). Lexical analysis has shown that while Bishuo has 24% lexical similarity with neighboring Beboid languages Nsaa and Nooni and Bikya has 16% resp. 17% similarity with them, Busuu has just 8% resp. 7%.[4]

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