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Butapichón or Butapichún[1] or Putapichon[2] was the Mapuche toqui from 1625 to 1631, as successor to Lientur. After the death of Quepuantú in 1632 he became toqui once again from 1632 to 1634.

Butapichón as toqui lead the Mapuche in successful malones and battles against Spanish forces. On January 24, 1630 he managed to ambush the Maestro de Campo Alonso de Córdoba y Figueroa in Pilcohué without achieving the victory but causing them many casualties. After Quepuantú succeeded him as Toqui the two fought the Spanish led by the very competent Governor Francisco Laso de la Vega who finally defeated them in the pitched battle of La Albarrada on January 13, 1631. Thereafter he refused to engage in open battles against Laso de la Vega, reverting to the Malón strategy of Lientur. The toqui Huenucalquin succeeded Butapichón.


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