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A butcher is a person who slaughters animals, dresses their flesh and sells their meat.

Butcher, The Butcher or Butchers may also refer to:



  • Butcher of Amritsar: Reginald Dyer (1864–1927), British Indian Army colonel responsible for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar
  • Butcher of Baghdad: Saddam Hussein (1937–2006), President of Iraq
  • Butcher of the Balkans (disambiguation), several people
  • Butcher of Balochistan and Butcher of Bengal: Tikka Khan (1915–2002), Pakistan Army four-star general and first Chief of Staff
  • Butcher of Bega: Graeme Stephen Reeves (born 1949), Australian deregistered gynecologist and obstetrician
  • Butcher of Beirut: Ariel Sharon (1928–2014), Israeli Prime Minister and general
  • Butcher of Beslan: Shamil Basayev (1965–2006), Chechen militant Islamist and rebel leader
  • Butcher of Bosnia:
    • Ratko Mladić (born 1943), Bosnian Serb former general and Chief of Staff of the Army of Republika Srpska
    • Radovan Karadžić (born 1945), Bosnian Serb former politician and President of Republika Srpska
  • Butcher of La Cabaña: Che Guevara (1928–1967), Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, guerrilla leader, diplomat and military theorist
  • Butcher of Cesena: Antipope Clement VII (1342-1394)
  • Butcher of Congo: King Leopold II of Belgium
  • Butcher of Eastern Visayas: Jovito Palparan (born 1950), Filipino fugitive, politician and former army general
  • Butcher of Genoa: Friedrich Engel (1909–2006)
  • Butcher of Hanover: Fritz Haarmann (1879–1925), German serial killer
  • Butcher of Kurdistan: Ali Hassan al-Majid (1941–2010), Iraqi Defense Minister, Interior Minister, military commander and chief of the Iraqi Intelligence Service, better known as "Chemical Ali"
  • Butcher of Lyon: Klaus Barbie (1913–1991), World War II SS-Hauptsturmführer and Gestapo member
  • Butcher of Mirpur: Abdul Quader Molla (1948–2013), Bangladeshi Islamist leader and politician
  • Butcher of Plainfield: Ed Gein (1906–1984), American murderer
  • Butcher of Prague: Reinhard Heydrich (1904–1942), German World War II Nazi official and one of the main architects of the Holocaust
  • Butcher of Rangoon: Sein Lwin (1923–2004), Burmese brigadier general and briefly President of Myanmar (Burma)
  • Butcher of Riga: Eduard Roschmann (1908–1977), Austrian SS officer and commandant of the Riga ghetto during 1943
  • Butcher of Rostov: Andrei Chikatilo (1936–1994), Soviet serial killer
  • Butcher of Samar: Littleton Waller (1856–1926), US Marine Corps officer
  • Butcher of Uganda: Idi Amin (c. 1925–2003), President of Uganda and major general
  • Butcher of Warsaw: Josef Albert Meisinger (1899–1947), German SS officer
  • Butcher of Warsaw: Heinz Reinefarth (1903–1979), German SS officer




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  • Butcher baronets, two titles in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom, both extinct
  • Shankill Butchers, an Ulster loyalist gang active between 1975 and 1982 in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Butcher, a small beer glass in South Australia

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