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Buthidaung in 2016
Buthidaung in 2016
Buthidaung is located in Myanmar
Location in Myanmar (Burma)
Coordinates: 20°52′29″N 92°31′41″E / 20.8747°N 92.528°E / 20.8747; 92.528
Country Myanmar
Division Rakhine State
DistrictMaungdaw District
TownshipButhidaung Township
 • Total55,545[1]
 • Ethnicities
93% Rohingya
6% Rakhine
<1% Others
 • Religions
Islam, Buddhism
Time zoneUTC+6.30 (MMT)
Area code(s)42, 43

Buthidaung (Burmese: ဘူးသီးတောင်မြို့; MLCTS: bu:si:taung mrui., pronounced [búðídàʊɴ mjo̰]) is a town in Rakhine State, in the westernmost part of Myanmar (Burma). It is the administrative seat of the Buthidaung Township. Buthidaung lies on the west bank of the Mayu river, and experienced severe flooding in June 2010 and July 2011.[2] Buthidaung is 16 miles away from Maungdaw. The two towns are connected by two tunnels through the Mayu mountains that were built in 1918.

During the 2016–17 Northern Rakhine State clashes, three police stations in Buthidaung were reportedly surrounded by Rohingya insurgents.[3] As a result of the clashes Buthidaung, and much of the surrounding area, has become all but empty of Rohingya.[4]




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Coordinates: 20°52′N 92°32′E / 20.867°N 92.533°E / 20.867; 92.533