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Coordinates: 20°55′37″N 79°00′25″E / 20.926991°N 79.006870°E / 20.926991; 79.006870

Buti Bori railway station

Butibori is an industrial suburb of Nagpur, India and is developed as 5 Star Industrial district by Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC). Butibori's total area acquired is 23.12 square kilometres out of which 14.94 km² is developed.[1] The area is developed economic development of Nagpur city. The area receives water supply from Wadgaon Dam. Butibori also claims Maharashtra's first Food-Park. In order to invite textile industries a common effluent treatment plant is also built.[2] Maharashtra Industries Development Corporation has acquired additional 3,750 acres.[3]

It is served by the Buti Bori railway station.

The number of industries operating in the area is around 100, with around 35 under construction. Butibori Industrial Area spans a total area of 1,500 hectares.[4]

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