Butlers Cross

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Butlers Cross, Russell Arms

Butlers Cross is a hamlet within the parish of Ellesborough (where to 2011 Census population was included), in Buckinghamshire, England. It is located south of the main parish, on the crossroads between the road from Ellesborough to Little Kimble, and the road from Terrick to Chequers.

The hamlet name refers to this junction in the two roads, and the fact that this was the place where the staff and servants that served the house of Chequers normally lived.

On the corner of the junction is a pub called 'The Russell' (formerly the 'Russell Arms'), referring to the family that once owned Chequers.

Opposite the pub is a village hall, the Ellesborough Parish Hall, which holds local community events and regular activities such as children's groups, band rehearsals, self-defence and martial arts classes.

Coordinates: 51°45′18″N 0°46′44″W / 51.755°N 0.779°W / 51.755; -0.779