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Butse Kik (also spelled as "Butsikik", "Buchikik" or "Abuchikik") is one of Yoyoy Villame's novelty songs widely regarded as one of his hits in the Philippines, and became a radio staple.[1] The song title was originally released by Yoyoy Villame as Vietcong Palagdas performed by Villame with the Embees and the MB Rondalla Band through Kinampay Records.[2]

The song consists of gibberish nonsense-lyrics that sound somewhat like Chinese. Some of the Chinese community in Cebu demanded that it be removed from jukeboxes but according to Villame, a plan to bring the case to court failed because the complainants could not find a single Chinese word in the song.[1] The music and the concept itself is a parody of the song "Baby Cakes" by the African-American singer Dee Dee Sharp, released in 1962. "Butse Kik" ("buche cake") is a play on the title "Baby Cakes". In Filipino cuisine, "butse", "buche" "butsi" or "buchi" is a deep fried pastry made of sticky rice flour with sweet red beans filling. Most likely, it was derived from the French delicacy known as bûche cakes, which are traditional desserts shaped like miniature logs made of sponge cake.


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