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Butserfest sign.jpg
GenreMusic festival
Location(s)Butser Hill, England
Inaugurated15 September 2007 (2007-09-15)
FounderFerris Cowper
Most recent12 September 2015 (2015-09-12)
Next event10 September 2016 (2016-09-10)
Organised byEast Hampshire County Council

Butserfest is a festival created by East Hampshire District Council.[1] This music festival is targeted at young people aged 14–20 and is an alcohol/drug-free event. It has become an annual event due to its success in 2007. It is held on Butser Hill opposite Queen Elizabeth's Country Park near Petersfield. Bob Coleman East Hampshire District Council Community and Youth Democracy was one of the key organisers of Butserfest: "The festival ... is aimed mainly at teenagers, those in bands who want a chance to play, and those who love music and find it difficult to travel to other events." The festival supports new upcoming bands but also has some big names.

Previous notable acts that played Butserfest and then went on to make it big include You Me At Six, Bury Tomorrow, Deaf Havana, Lower Than Atlantis, Young Guns, Funeral For A Friend, Mallory Knox, Don Broco, Feed The Rhino, Marmozets, Hacktivist, Astroid Boys, Heck, Boston Manor, Create To Inspire, The One Hundred, Crossfaith, Zoax, Our Hollow Our Home, Shields, Wars and Creeper


Pickled Dick on stage at Butserfest 2007

The debut of Butserfest attracted 700 youths to Butser Hill.

Line up 2007[edit]

Main Stage
Elliot Minor
Furthest Drive Home
Moma Jest
Day of Rising
Pickled Dick
Alternative Carpark
Waking Jayne
Splendid Eddie
Origin] see www.Myspace.com/jackjamiedaisyolisam ]
The Weather Committee
Hayley Harland


Mike TV on stage at Butserfest 2008

Line up 2008[edit]

Main Stage
You Me at Six
Tonight is Goodbye
Not Advised
The Wide Eyes
Plastic Toys
Mike TV
Shrub Rocketeers
Saxon Black
Introduce Your Icon
The Unsubscribed
The Weather Committee


The 2009 festival saw the introduction of the new Butserquests. This was a series of shows across East Hampshire looking for the best local bands to play on the main stage at Butserfest. Over 70 local bands registered an interest in playing the festival this year with only a few getting the lucky chance, but other bands were able to play on the ButserQuest Stage who did not win.

Line up 2009[edit]

Main Stage LeCarlaButserquest Stage
The Blackout Vallenbrosa
Go:Audio As Gods
We Are the Ocean Forever Wednesday
Attack! Attack! Luke Ferre
Save Your Breath The Theory of 6 Degrees
Malefice The Meakins
All Forgotten Chemical Sunset
Alzir Thursday's Bad Luck
The Light Divided A Thousand Ways to Fall
Reduced to Ashes The Zed Men
Lecarla Flexability
We Push Buttons Hardly Heroes
The Frisbys Switch Transmission
What Is Life For?


Butserfest 2010 took place on Saturday 11 September, tickets were £15 and bands included The King Blues as headliners on the main stage, along with We Are The Ocean, My Passion and Young Guns. Deaf Havana were headliners on the Butserquest stage. The logo colour for 2010 was green. In 2009 it was yellow and in 2008 red.

Line up 2010[edit]

Main Stage Butserquest Stage
The King Blues Deaf Havana
We Are The Ocean Lecarla
My Passion The City Calls
Young Guns Tonight We Fly
Bury Tomorrow Mr Temper
Fei Comodo Precilla Broke
Shadows Chasing Ghosts Jonny Black
Mike TV Luke Ferre Band
The Theory of 6 Degrees Thursdays Bad Luck
3 Ways of Thinking
We Start Partys
As We Climb
The Light Divided
The Famous Class


Butserfest 2011 took place on Saturday 17 September.

2011 line up[edit]

Main Stage The Lounge Bar Stage
Funeral for a Friend Alternative Carpark
Young Guns Entro-P
Deaf Havana Cubrik
Lower Than Atlantis Big Red Ass
Bury Tomorrow Sinuism
We Start Partys Capital Fuzz
Heart in Hand Forever Can Wait
Kill Em Dead Cowboy Lost Souls Club
The Valiant K'Junga
Follow Wyliss Skaraman
The Dirty Tricks In Perfect Silence
The Fringe
This Way Up


Butserfest 2012 took place on Saturday 15 September.

Line up 2012[edit]

Main Stage Small Town Records and Friends Stage
Kids in Glass Houses Feed the Rhino
Lower Than Atlantis Shadows Chasing Ghosts
Yashin Heart in Hand
Futures Polar.
Canterbury The Elijah
Don Broco Violet
Mallory Knox Floods
Mike TV Death of An Artist
Burn The Fleet Housefires
Contraband Prolong the Agony
England Road
Midday Committee


Butserfest 2013 took place on Saturday 14 September

Lineup of 2013[edit]

Main Stage Glory Or Death Stage
We Are The Ocean Bleed From Within
Mallory Knox Heights
FVK (band) Hacktivist
Natives Marmozets
Arcane Roots Hildamay
Attention Thieves Continents
Max Raptor Palm Reader
Subsource The Valiant
We Start Partys Now Voyager
A Tale Of Two Cities Aurora
The Bottom Line Set Your Sails
13:32 The Call Back Academy


Butserfest 2014 took place on Saturday 13th and was co-headlined by The Blackout and Kids In Glass Houses

Lineup of 2014[edit]

Main Stage Alternative Stage
The Blackout Sonic Boom Six
Kids In Glass Houses Gnarwolves
Feed The Rhino Astroid Boys
George Barnett Baby Godzilla
Blitz Kids Black Futures
Tek-One The Catharsis
I Divide Our Hollow, Our Home
The Hype Theory Emp!re
Aurora When We Were Wolves
Create To Inspire Saint[The]Sinner
Bourne Gone By Tomorrow
At The Lighthouse


Butserfest 2015 took place on Saturday 12 September with Don Broco as the main headline act. Bands on the main stage included artists such as Funeral For A Friend, Hackivist and The Qemists. Other acts included The One Hundred, Our Hollow Our Home and special guests, The Lounge Kittens. A competition ran that allowed ticket holders the chance to win a place to watch bands perform at the Backstage Unplugged Acoustic stage – an exclusive gig for a select group of fans to enjoy their own personal acoustic set by the acts.

Lineup of 2015[edit]

Main Stage Alternative Stage
Don Broco Heck
Funeral For A Friend Fathoms
Hacktivist Carcer City
The Qemists Zoax
The Xcerts Lock and Key (band)
The One Hundred Create To Inspire
Our Hollow, Our Home Shields (Band)
DIRT Shvpes
Boston Manor Prolong The Agony
Waking Angel Lost Atlanta
Cardinal Bay Vanity Draws Blood
The Lounge Kittens


Butserfest 2016 took place on Saturday 10 September. This year marked the festival's 10 year anniversary, with Mallory Knox and Young Guns as joint headliners.

Lineup of 2016[edit]

Main Stage Alternative Stage Introducing Stage
Mallory Knox Creeper A.R.K
Young Guns Blood Youth Cavalier
The Qemists The One Hundred City of Ashes
As It Is Ashestoangels High Down
Zoax Casey Home for the Weekend
ROAM Seething Akira Loyd
WSTR Area 11 Moralist
Our Hollow Our Home Tigress Reventure
The Gospel Youth Faultlines T.E.S.S
Flashfires Fort Hope Treasures
Room 94 Griever We Deny


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