Butt Trumpet

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Butt Trumpet
Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Punk rock
Years active 1991-present
Labels EMI - Hell Yeah Records
Associated acts Betty Blowtorch - Thom Bone
Website www.buttwrenching.com
Members Thom Bone
Past members Bianca Butthole
Floor-Tom Morgan
Ian Outt
Zebra Feedback
Sharon Needles
Jerry Geronimo
Johnny Hostage
Christian Satan
Jenny Crabb
Janna Pirahna
Toni Tuna
Joan Jahs
Marcus Erectus
Fortune Nookie
Slade Bellum
Klark Kunt
Casey Anus
Skinnee Asscrack
Kerri Diseases
Blare N. Bitch
Athena Lee
Dan Druff

Butt Trumpet is an American, Los Angeles based punk project band, founded and maintained by Thom Bone, that is known more for its crass lyrics and deliberately offensive style. The group features two bassists among its members.[1] They became famous in 1994 when their Chrysalis Records debut, Primitive Enema, was banned from sale in a Massachusetts town after one mother heard her 12-year-old daughter listening to it, which she called "audio porn."[2] Dan Druff played in the group briefly in 1995. The "Enema" lineup splintered soon after Primitive Enema was released, but three of the members regrouped in 1998 as Betty Blowtorch.[3] The founder of the project, Thom Bone, continues to release and tour with various deliberately unstable band lineups up until the present.


  • (1992): Butt Trumpet Jr. 5-song EP (Self-released, cassette only)
  • (1992): "DICKtatorship" 7" (Hell Yeah Records)
  • (1993): "The Grindcore Song" 7" (Signal Sound Records)
  • (1993): "I Left My Flannel In Seattle" b/w "Pink Gun" 7" (Hell Yeah Records)
  • (1994): Primitive Enema Album (Chrysalis Records)
  • (1994): "Primitive Enema" b/w "Yesterday II, The Sequel 7" (Chrysalis Records)
  • (1996): Board Stiff Album (INTERNET ONLY release)
  • (1997): Show & Tell: A Stormy Remembrance of TV Theme Songs compilation (Gammon Records)
  • (2000): Wrestling Slams and Jams compilation (EMI Records)
  • (2005): Butt Trumpet/Dive Bar Junkies Split EP 10" (Felony Records)
  • (2006): Butt Trumpet/Potbelly split 7" (PB Records)
  • (2009): Censurado Trompeto Anal 8-song EP (Rumble Records) Spain
  • (2010): Punk Rock Repo compilation Germany
  • (2011): Cheap Ass Music Volume One compilation (Cheap Ass Records)
  • (2013): Butt Trumpet/Youth Gone Mad Split LP


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