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Butter salt

Butter salt is a seasoning developed in the late twentieth century for the purpose of combining the flavours found in salt and butter. It is a fine, golden powder, originally salt, enriched with butter flavouring. It is often used as a seasoning for popcorn. It is said to impart a "rich, buttery flavour".[1]

The contents are usually salt, artificial butter flavoring, and yellow food colouring.[2]

Use in butter[edit]

Butter salt (sometimes called buttersalt)[3][4] also refers to salt that is used in the preparation of butter and other dairy products.[5] Some manufacturers produce salt specifically for the use in butter, such as "No. 2 butter salt".[6] Salt serves as a preservative for butter.[4][7]

Butter salt is also salt used in the preparation of butter and other dairy products

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